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  • Moonology Oracle Cards

    د.إ 80.00

    A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

    Over 225,000 Oracle decks sold! Horoscope and astrology enthusiasts can harness the power of the Moon with these stunning oracle cards and guidebook inspired by the lunar cycle—from Yasmin Boland, the bestselling author of Moonology hailed as “the greatest living astrological authority on the Moon” (Jonathan Cainer, astrologer extraordinaire).

    These oracle cards are the original Moonology cards, and many would agree the very best! They were designed to help you tap into the Moon’s ancient feminine wisdom and form a powerful spiritual and divination tool that will guide you.

    This deck is structured into four parts to reflect the journey of the Moon through the year, with cards for New and Full Moons in each sign of the zodiac, the different phases of the lunar cycle, and Eclipses and Supermoons.

    Use this deck to:

    • Create your life. You can decide if you like what you’re currently creating for your future or you can decide to do something to change the path you’re on.

    • Planning your life. See which cards come up and make some solid plans.

    • Predict your life. Once you start to become familiar with the cards, you will see that you can make some very clear predictions for yourself and anyone you read for.

    Example Card Meanings:

    Balsamic Moon – A time for healing

    Pulling this card suggests that the past is in the past and a bright future is beckoning. This is also a time to surrender and wait to hear guidance from the Universe.

    New Moon in Taurus – Prosperity lies ahead

    This card will often come up when you’re enquiring about a financial matter or when you’re doubting your self-worth. The card suggests you can have what you want  – but you must believe in yourself.

    Supermoon – Emotions are running high

    This card suggests that the answer to whatever you’re asking is writ large like the silvery Full Moon set against the velvety night sky. If you’re wondering how successful something is going to be, the answer is very.

    Full Moon Eclipse – Conclusions are within reach

    What you’re experiencing now is what your soul signed up for – a way for you to learn and for your soul to evolve. So, allow events to unfold and be easy on yourself.

    “I am thrilled to bring you this oracle deck that draws down the wisdom of the Moon. The Moon is our cosmic guide, our magical timer, and has provided counsel for millennia. These cards allow you to receive the Moon’s guidance.

    My hope is that this oracle deck will also be full of magic and enigma, and will illuminate your way just as the Full Moon illuminates the night sky.

    The Moon is guided by the Divine Mother and I dedicate these cards to her.” – Yasmin Boland

    Within each phase, the deck explores the unique power of the Moon as She moves through the signs of the zodiac, and the amazing ways these energies can influence the emotions and experiences of your daily life.

    Whenever you need to make an important decision, just pick a card and let the Moon guide you!

  • Oracle of the Fairies

    د.إ 80.00

    A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook

    Oracle of the Fairies is a modern deck for people who love nature and know that there is more to life than what can be seen with our physical eyes – use this oracle as the portal to the realm of fairy magic and manifest your way to wonders untold!

    Created by Karen Kay, renowned fairy communicator, Oracle of the Fairies will guide you to seek out fairy wisdom and receive concrete answers that will bring inspiration and solutions to everyday questions. Each reading will share positive and practical fairy insight, directly related to your unique energy and personal circumstances.

    Use this deck as a tool to forge your own path in life with wisdom and confidence – easily done when you can readily communicate with your fairy guides through these cards!


  • Sacred Destiny Oracle

    د.إ 80.00

    A 52-Card Deck to Discover the Landscape of Your Soul

    From the earliest history of mankind, there are records of native people using the signs in nature to determine their destiny. Wise elders were able to move through mystic gateways into inner realms and bring back wisdom and guidance to their tribes.

    In this powerful oracle card deck, Denise Linn draws from her Native American heritage and experience as a gifted healer and teacher. With each card, you receive access to a different gateway, from our earthly realm to the one of Spirit. From forests to floodplains, meadows to caves, shimmering sunshine to the dark mysteries of the moon–these vibrant cards will fill your days with messages of Spirit, from the landscapes within and around us. May your inner guidance awaken, and may the wisdom of the native spirit unfold within your life!

    “You have a sacred destiny; we all do. …”

  • The Earthcraft Oracle

    د.إ 80.00

    A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook of Sacred Healing

    Reconnect with the healing wisdom of Mother Earth and yourself with this diverse, brightly illustrated oracle deck from the author of Witchery and Plant Witchery.

    The Earthcraft Oracle is a tool to help you reconnect to Mother Earth and to your highest self. Each card message is an invitation to listen to Mother Earth’s guidance; each spell, ritual, or invocation is an opportunity to bring these lessons off the pages and into your daily practice; and each illustration is a reminder that we are part of nature, not outside of it. With bodies of every shape, size, skin tone, and hair texture represented, this deck affirms we are all Mother Earth’s children.

    Mother Earth is our sacred home. We rely on her for everything from the air we breathe and water we drink. She gives us so much and yet we take her magic for granted. We squander her gifts and ignore the results. But it is not too late. We have stopped listening, but she has not stopped communicating.

  • The Sacred Self-Care Oracle

    د.إ 80.00

    A 55-Card Deck and Guidebook

    Treat Yourself Like a Goddess

    Connect with your intuition and deepen your self-care practice with The Sacred Self-Care Oracle. This whimsically illustrated deck will help you create rituals to nourish you on the deepest levels your soul is calling for, inviting you to ask: What do I need to feel centered and balanced today? How can I connect with my body’s intuition? If I only have a short time for me this week, how should I spend it?

    Whether you find meaning in the cards alone or consult the in-depth guidebook for mantras, journal prompts, and additional guidance, this powerful healing tool for the modern spiritual seeker gives you permission to put self-care at the top of your to-do list.

  • The Starseed Oracle

    د.إ 80.00

    A 53-Card Deck and Guidebook

    A modern oracle for a new generation of mystics, and fans of astrology and New Age.

    The Starseed Oracle is a breathtaking 53-card oracle deck for starseeds, empaths, lightworkers, and seekers. Starseeds are souls that first incarnated somewhere beyond this planet – many have a sort of ‘knowing’ from a young age.

    Depicting energy portals, ancient sites, faraway planets, and star systems, the oracle is otherworldly, literally opening a path to things that cannot be seen with our eyes. For those starseeds roaming the Earth with a pull towards the unknown within the stars, this deck will help them to:

    • identify as a starseed, and understand what this word means
    • feel less alone in the universe and understand their longing for ‘home’
    • activate imprinted memories of their soul history through beautiful cosmic images
    • understand their mission on Earth and empower them to be a source of positive energy