Nighty Night KidSafe Essential Oil 10ml

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Does your child have occasional trouble calming down at night before bedtime?

Nighty Night helps create a more relaxed and calming atmosphere so that your child can relax before bedtime and promote a good night’s rest.

Differing from Sweet Dreams, Nighty Night is used for overall relaxation and not just soothing the mind.

How to use it?

Apply topically to your child’s chest or back of the neck at a 2-4% dilution using your favorite Plant Therapy Carrier Oil 30 minutes before bedtime.

Add 3 drops to 1 tablespoon of fragrance free shampoo or body wash and add to a warm, nighttime bath.  You can also add ½ cup of Epsom salt if desired.

Diffuse throughout the night in your Diffuser at 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off.


Specifically formulated for children ages 2-10. Contains the 100% pure, undiluted KidSafe essential oils of Lavender, Marjoram Sweet, Mandarin, Cedarwood Atlas, Patchouli, Clary Sage, Chamomile Roman, and Blue Tansy.

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