The Earthcraft Oracle

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A 44-Card Deck and Guidebook of Sacred Healing

Reconnect with the healing wisdom of Mother Earth and yourself with this diverse, brightly illustrated oracle deck from the author of Witchery and Plant Witchery.

The Earthcraft Oracle is a tool to help you reconnect to Mother Earth and to your highest self. Each card message is an invitation to listen to Mother Earth’s guidance; each spell, ritual, or invocation is an opportunity to bring these lessons off the pages and into your daily practice; and each illustration is a reminder that we are part of nature, not outside of it. With bodies of every shape, size, skin tone, and hair texture represented, this deck affirms we are all Mother Earth’s children.

Mother Earth is our sacred home. We rely on her for everything from the air we breathe and water we drink. She gives us so much and yet we take her magic for granted. We squander her gifts and ignore the results. But it is not too late. We have stopped listening, but she has not stopped communicating.

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