“We love to live in an abundant planet by
raising awareness to rise above”

What we do

Raise & Rise is a Dubai-based business that focuses on raising awareness among individuals.

Conducting workshops about Essential Oils for Basic Introduction & Advanced learning (blending and mixing aromatherapy in their well-being) to transform the highest level of their health by doing it with natural remedies and being toxic-free.

Teaching self-development & empowerment using energy healing called Thetahealing® Technique Mediation. Doing one-to-one sessions for clients that has specific challenges in their life.

Raise & Rise is here to guide & help individuals and businesses take responsibility for how we can influence the world.

Essential Oil

About the Founder

Rhodora A Soriano has been on a spiritual & healing path since childhood. She is continuously finding ways to develop her intuitive & psychic abilities through the practice of holistic healing, inspiration from her students, teachers & community in nature

Rhodora often called Rhoda, is the founder and owner of Raise & Rise, a Dubai-based that focuses on raising awareness among individuals for self-development using energy healing called Thetahealing® Technique Mediation & seminars. They have workshops such as Essential Oil Basic & Advance, Aromatherapy for everyday use & Aromatherapy for Spiritual Healing,

She started in September 2015 as a Certified Reiki Healer (levels 1-2) and became ThetaHealing® Practitioner in 2016. On February 2017, she became a ThetaHealing® Instructor and in October 2017, she became Certified Essential Oil Coach & approved as a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner of AADP in April 2018 and also a Certified Tarot Reader in November 2022.

She began her journey discovering herself through health issues & personal development experiencing instant healing through ThetaHealing®, which is a perfect combination of science and spiritual healing technique. This meditation technique opened and inspired her to combine natural remedies like essential oils and natural food (fruits & vegetables) to help her family and friends support health, emotional, and spiritual issues. Through these great healing experiences, her aim is to inspire, share awareness and teach those who are ready to heal inside and out.

She serves as a coach and spiritual guide by mentoring and teaching her clients or student how to have their own knowledge and confidence opening possibilities in challenging life situations. Rhoda provides uplifting guidance with practical solutions using the Thetahealing technique and the use of Aromatherapy.

Ever since she became a member of Ramadan Fridge Sharing in Dubai (a charity group under the umbrella of Red Crescent helping the less fortunate community workers to have good food and drinks during the Holy Month of Ramadan), she saw how people of different races, age, ethnicity, religion, and belief become one to help each other. This is an eye-opener for her to guide and help more in physical, emotional & spiritual aspects in the form of Holistic healing.

“Raise Awareness to Rise Above” By Rhoda Soriano